For several years now I have been talking and praying with Chaplin Jeff Williams Apelli, with each of us keeping up with the others ministry. He has a prison ministry in Ugandi, Africa. We constantly encourage each other and pray for each other in our Ministries.

He usually has several men, just released from prison, staying with him until they can get back to their own homes. Or until they can find a place of their own. He has just received some land that he can build buildings on to help the ones that need a place to stay, praise the Lord!!

Please keep him and his ministry in your prayers. If you feel led to help in any way please get with me and I can assist or help get you in contact with Chaplain Jeff Williams Apelli Love you guys!!!!

Letter Writing Needed

All ROOT volunteers and others that would like to be a part of the ministry, Tallahassee has informed us that they are still on hold at this time, to entering prisons, for the ministry. The one way that we still have at this moment of reaching them, is through letter writing.

We have plenty of men and women that are writing us, for spiritual guidance through these difficult times. We only have a few writers, we could definitely use more people to write and encourage the men and women Behind Bars, even if it is just a few words it means so much to them.

All letters stay on a first-name basis and the address is my post office box to where no personal information is given. Please prayerfully consider helping us in this part of the ministry, it would bless so many. If you are interested please contact either myself or Penny Whisenant for details on getting started. Please continue to keep the ministry in your prayers Love you guys!!