FWRC Nov 30 2019

Had a awesome day on the yard at FWRC
PERFECT Weather and a lot of decisions to follow Jesus Christ
Thank you to the volunteers
Felt like old times today
God is so good !!!

Franklin Workcamp

Thanks again to all the Volunteers who came to Franklin work camp
Another awesome day in the yard by our Creator that we got to witness.

DeSoto CI Feb 8 2020

To all root volunteers
We have the okay for DeSoto CI February 8th
We are getting a room at DeSoto motel in Arcadia the address is:
Desoto Motel
1021 North Brevard Avenue
Arcadia Florida 34266
There is also a Holiday Inn Express in Arcadia if you would rather stay there.
There is a fair in the area this weekend so the hotels are filling up quickly also they are allowing two bikes into the facility and I already have the two that are coming in with us so there is no need to bring your bike if I did not get a hold of you to come in with it.
We will be eating at Beef O Brady’s Friday night at 6:30
1703 East Oak Street Arcadia Florida 34266

We have tables assigned for us just tell him you are with Penny / root
I have to work Friday so I will try to make dinner
If you have any questions please give me a call 352-494-0285
Looking forward to it love you guys