About Root Motorcycle Prison Ministry

Running Out of Time motorcycle prison ministry has been going on for about 10 years now.
As a lot of you guys know the last couple of years have been rough to say the least.
The first eight years Debbie ran the ministry like a fine oiled machine and when she passed on to be with Jesus I did not do much for the ministry.
God has shown me and taught me so much through the last 2 years.
Now that I have started back full throttle with the ministry we are in need of monthly material and expenses that are building beyond the donations that are greatly appreciated and my personal contributions.
So I am asking that you prayerfully consider donating to ROOT MPM.
We are a none profit 501c3 ministry
Love you guys
You can send donations to….
P.O. box 851 Williston Fl. 32696
through Pay Pal @ Root mpm Inc
Direct link….


Had the honor of meeting 3 beautiful women today. Please pray for them as they start this new season. We have Cori( headed home to New York), Ashley( headed home to Sarasota) me and Leah( headed to Jacksonville). Very nice and eager for prayers. We wish them their best season yet

EOS Donna

Another great and awesome EOS!!! Ms. Donna S. is headed to family and Ms. Aranda L. is headed to a treatment facility in Jacksonville!! Please pray for these lovely ladies as they go back into a twisted world.

Letters From ROOT

Root mpm volunteers and other brothers and sisters in Christ
We are trying something new with( LFR )
Letters from root
As some of you already know when we go in the prison facilities for a yard event we collect names of men and women who would like to keep in contact with us through letters to lift each other up spiritually just like Paul did with the early churches.
If you are interested I can send you a letter or several letters through email that you can respond to and send back to me that I will mail to the men and women incarcerated so that they will have several different letters from different people.
Iron sharpens Iron
If you are interested please get a hold of me through Messenger,phone or e-mail
Love you guys

EOS – Jennifer

I just love, love,love doing EOS’s!!! Love when I get a two for one!! Met with Jennifer this morning! Also met another lovely lady Amber( no pic, did not know she was in the van till it was time to load for the bus). But I was able to give both a bag, a Bible and prayer!!! Father we ask and pray that you provide this ladies with the strenght to say everyday “Not TODAY SATAN, NOT TODAY”! In Jesus name, Amen

EOS – Crystal

EOS this morning was awesome! Please pray for Crystal as she heads home to Hollywood Fl this morning. That this new season will be better then last.

Franklin CI Dec. 7th 2019

To all ROOT MPM volunteers
just to let you know December 7th Franklin CI is a definite go!
The other events for this year are still in question because I have not been able to get confirmation for them even though I am trying on a daily basis.
Please keep root motorcycle prison ministry in prayer.
Love you guys

Volunteer Training Fall 2019

To all Prison Volunteers
The Chaplaincy Department at FWRC will be holding its next volunteer training on Monday October 28th, 2019 at the FWRC training building at 6:30pm. Looking forward to seeing you there. Have a great day
Penny and I are going to try to go to this one for our yearly training